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About the University

Goce Delchev University in Shtip is a state university, ranked in the second place in the rankings of state universities in the country.As a young and vibrant higher education institution that constantly monitors the interests of young people and the latest global economic, industrial and technological trends, we create remarkable opportunities for higher education. Diplomas that Goce Delchev University in Shtip   issues are internationally recognized and are reliable proof for entering both domestic and international labor markets.  Goce Delchev University in Shtip integrates 13 faculties and is organized in three university campuses. The lectures are conducted in training facilities set up in 12 cities in Macedonia. 16,000 students have already identified the University Goce Delchev in Shtip as an excellent opportunity for their academic development. Achieve your life goal!

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Erasmus + Office

International Relations Office at UGD

IRO contributes to the internationalization of The University through leadership and advice in the:

Coordination and oversight of the establishment, development and review of The University's formal bilateral and multilateral relations with overseas universities and other strategic partners;

This mission includes the generation and implementation of measures to increase the international mobility of students and teachers, the integration of the Goce Delcev University in Shtip in European Programme within the fields of education and science and in international networks as well as the coordination with foreign universities and higher education institution.

Core Values

  • Develop capacity, in particular with regard to the sustainable promotion of research potential, and to strengthen institutional structures at the partner universities;
  • Promote innovative research projects with the aim of generating knowledge through a mutual learning process;
  • Service to students, stakeholders and partners;
  • Develop international programme for our students, staff and partners with the support of Faculties/Schools and Departments;
  • Manage and facilitate - Incoming and Outgoing Faculty Exchange Programs.

The IRO has been successfully managing these activities at the Institute over the years, and has been actively sharing ongoing/ planned/ future activities with students and academic staffs on regular basis

Exchange opportunities at Goce Delcev University in Stip

  • Help desk and counselling for international students
  • Supplying exchange students with documents
  • International relations with partner institutions
  • Staff and Teaching Staff training for Erasmus welcome
  • Arranging informal meetings for incoming students



Sanja Stefanova, MSc

University Goce Delcev- Stip
International Relations Office

Coordinator of Erasmus + Office

Tel. +38932550843

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Students Testimonials

Nikola Lazarevski
Faculty of Law
Study programme: Applied political and international diplomacy

“I have chosen UGD because I think that in the last few years the education system at this university singles out in comparison to other educational institutions in our country. The course I have chosen to study, will enable me to get easier access to all legal institutions in our society in future, first as volunteer, and then I hope as an employed person. I am satisfied with the excellent functioning of the Career office, which helps us to obtain information in which companies and institutions there are available workplaces, and even prepares us through seminars and training how to write short CV, and how to behave during an interview.“

Marinela Serafimova
Faculty of Educational Sciences
Study programme: History and archeology

“I love History and everything connected to it. Primarily UGD was my choice, because of the quality education and then of course because of the conveniences and benefits it offers. I come from Sv.Nikole and it is a real advantage, because it is a town close to Stip which redounds to decrease my expenses. This University has all the necessary conditions for advanced studying, e-library, e-index and e-learning make our studying easier.”

Darko Jovancevik
Faculty of Music Art
Study programme: Musical theory and pedagogy with folk instruments

“I have completed secondary music school and it was natural for me to continue studying in the same field. I have chosen to enroll at the Faculty of Music Art, at UGD because of the qualified teaching staff that takes care the students to gain adequate education. The University helps us to accomplish our wishes and ambitions by organizing concerts and public appearances. It is a pleasure and privilege to learn from the best like: Boris Trajanov, Kiril Ribarski, Toni Kitanovski, Goce Micanov and Vasil Hadzimanov.”

Ana Nikolova and Dijana Atanasova
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Study programme: Pharmacy

“In the last several years Stip became a real student’s city with more than fifteen thousand students, and we are happy to be part of one of the most successful University on the Balkans. The Medical sciences in the last few years are in progress, and the conditions we have in the lecture rooms and laboratories are excellent and we have all the necessary background for practical work which is very important for our profession. We hope that we will be the ones who will prove and show that the Faculty of medical Sciences – Pharmacy has the most qualified students.”

Andriana Todorovska
Faculty of Economics
Study programme: Financial management

“The everyday expenses that we, the students, have at our University cannot be compared to those of the other universities in the country. The living standard in Stip is on such level that everybody can adapt to it. On the other hand, I can praise the conditions we have on our campuses. I have chosen this faculty and course for studying because I think that the economy in our country needs really qualified people and there is no doubt that this University creates the best graduates. As students at UGD we have the possibility to attend all cultural events organized by the Multimedia center, which is situated at our faculty. Many of my colleagues are included in sport activities which is a positive aspect of UGD, especially for quality fulfilling spare time.”

Sanja Georgieva
Faculty of philology
Study programme: English language

“As soon as I had completed the secondary school, I knew that UGD was my future. The only thing that took me a long time to think about was making a decision which faculty to choose among the thirteen faculties. I have chosen the Faculty of Philology, the English language course, because the knowledge and perfection of this language, which is a universal tool for communication, can offer me lots of opportunities for employment in future.“

Nenad Micov
Faculty of Law
Study programme: Journalism and public relationships

“Studying at UGD for me is a positive experience. The communication with the teaching staff and mentors is excellent. Apart from that I have an opportunity to gain practical experience in the area of my future profession - journalism. I work at the radio of UGD, which functions as part of the Center for public relationships at UGD. In this way the knowledge I acquire at the lecture rooms, I complement with practical work.”