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University coat of arms

The University coat of arms has a round shape. In the middle is the image of the former school in Novo Selo in Stip, where Goce Delcev used to teach (currently the seat of the Rector’s Office of Goce Delcev University, Stip). The name Goce Delcev University is written in the upper part of the circle. The name of the town Stip is written in the bottom part.

The coat of arms, the flag and the anthem represent the University and the units within the University. The University coat of arms is applied on the flag, diplomas, plaques, awards, memos, University’s publications, as well as on coins issued at occasions of the University’s anniversaries, etc.

University flag

The University flag has a rectangular shape, in maroon color with golden yellow fringe. The University coat of arms is placed in the middle, in golden yellow color. The sentence: “I understand the world solely as a field for cultural competition among nations” is written in two lines at the bottom across the full length of the flag.

The flag of the University is displayed constantly on the building of the Rector’s Office. The University flag is displayed in front of the buildings of the University’s units and in front of the buildings of the associate members of the University, at the occasions of the University holiday, celebrations, special instances and other activities important to the University. The University flag can also be displayed when holding international sessions, competitions and other meetings in accordance with the rules and regulations for holding those events, as well as when sport competitions and other sport activities take place.

University insignia

The University insignia consists of interconnected engravings which symbolize the culture of the region where the University operates in the Republic of Macedonia.

The University insignia are worn by the Rector and the Vice-Rectors of the University, as well as the Deans, on celebration occasions, launch parties and other special instances such as on national and international events.



A gown has been designed for the Rector, the Vice-Rectors and the Deans.

The gown is worn at launch parties, celebrations and other special occasions organized by the University and its units, both at national and international events.

A decree on the appearance and the usage of the University symbols have been passed by the Rector’s Office.



A special resolution passed by the University Senate established symbols like plaque, charter, certificate of appreciation, certificate of distinction, and other acknowledgements and awards, which the University awards to distinguished individuals, legal entities or institutions that have contributed to the University’s development and its affirmation for promotion of scientific development, as well as to students in order to acknowledge student’s achievements.


The University anthem is performed on celebrations, launch parties, sport events and other special occasions of the University, its units and University’s the associate members; on international sessions and other meetings in accordance to the rules and regulations for holding those events.
The anthem can be performed, sung or both.
The University anthem is a solemn song, dedicated to the University’s role in the field of education and its significance.
It was prepared by Assistant Prof. Ilco Jovanov, PhD.

University anthem

I Рефрен II

Гордо чекориме со тебе ние,

Гоце учителу наш.

Делото твое нас нѐ води

Кон светлината,

Делото твое нас нѐ води

Кон иднината.

Знаење, мудрост ни даваш

За светла иднина,

Вечно и гордо зрачи

Универзитету наш.

Твојата укост гордост е наша,

Го свети патот наш.

Мислата твоја сила е вечна

Темелот силен наш,

Мислата твоја нас нѐ води

Кон иднината.


Gaudeamus igitur (Latin)


Gaudeamus igitur

Iuvenes dum sumus.

Post iucundam iuventutem

Post molestam senectutem

Nos habebit humus.


Ubi sunt qui ante nos

In mundo fuere?

Vadite ad superos

Transite in inferos

Hos si vis videre.


Vita nostra brevis est

Brevi finietur.

Venit mors velociter

Rapit nos atrociter

Nemini parcetur.


Vivat academia!

Vivant professores!

Vivat membrum quodlibet;

Vivant membra quaelibet;

Semper sint in flore. 


Vivant omnes virgines

Faciles, formosae.

Vivant et mulieres

Tenerae, amabiles,

Bonae, laboriosae.


Vivat et res publica

et qui illam regit.

Vivat nostra civitas,

Maecenatum caritas

Quae nos hic protegit.


Pereat tristitia,

Pereant osores.

Pereat diabolus,

Quivis antiburschius

Atque irrisores.


Quis confluxus hodie


E longinquo convenerunt,

Protinusque successerunt

In commune forum.


Vivat nostra societas,

Vivant studiosi;

Crescat una veritas

Floreat fraternitas

Patriae prosperitas.


Alma Mater floreat,

Quae nos educavit;

Caros et commilitones,

Dissitas in regiones

Sparsos, congregavit