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Rector of UGD: The university is a self-sustaining institution and has a secure future

In an interview with the university media, the rector of UGD prof. Dr. Blazo Boev talks about the beginnings of the University, the foundation and his vision of what kind of university he imagined and whether he realized his visions. The Rector points out that in these 15 years an institution has been created that is the pride of the state.

15 years Goce Delchev University coincides with the last months of the term of the current rector. Prof. Dr. Boev and he says that his successor should continue to build the University on the foundations of tolerance, science and high moral values.

"I have no reservations about the need for greater tolerance. I'm not talking about whether the obligations should be fulfilled. For me it is an unnecessary question. By my own example I show that they should. By my own example I want to show that there is no need to discuss some issues. If I have managed to create an environment in which you do not feel compelled, then I have reached the goal. It is never too much tolerance. "If someone feels pressured, there is no creativity," said the rector of UGD about his management philosophy.

In one of his last interviews as rector, prof. Boev expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the institution and that this University has a bright future. The only thing he shared as his vision was the construction of a learning center, a large 40,000-square-meter campus at Campus 2.

"We realized ideas that we should be proud of. The university carries the spirit of cultural emancipation of the Macedonian people. It carries the idea that we are special, that we know who we are and what we are, that we have our own language. All this is represented in this University. We have institutions within the University that mean continuation of traditions. "We managed to realize a great idea and the city should be proud of the University."

In the interview, the Rector also announced the digital monograph that is being prepared for the period of 2015 to 2022, which will include all the significant events that took place in that period. In the interview, Rector Boev also mentioned his visions that a new law is needed for universities and greater financial autonomy of these institutions.