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    Welcome to LARIS
    Laboratory for Robotics and Intellingent Systems
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    Service Robots
    Innovative design and development of service robots
    and their real world applications
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    Wearable technologies
    Novel solutions which are human centered, biologicaly inspired, ergonomic,
    going beyond state-of-the art.
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    Applicative solutions
    Various sectors...
    Agriculture, Medicine, Automation
    Assisted living and home automation...

Laboratory for robotics and intelligent systems

Faculty of Computer Science, University Goce Delcev - Stip

Welcome to LARIS

The Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Systems at Faculty of Computer Science, University Goce Delcev - Stip was created in December 2009. It groups together people that share a common interest: reasoning about environment, manipulation, perception, and motion in the framework of robotic systems, and keeping an applied viewpoint always in mind. Its mission is to conduct research in the cognitive aspects of robotics, or robotic intelligence, understood as embodied intelligence in robotic systems that behave in the real world.

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Some of our tools

Learn through pictures more about our robot kits and our work.

European Robotics Week 2014

Faculty of Computer Science, University Goce Delcev - Stip, Campus 2, 27 November 2014, 13:00-15:00