Recent technologies advances open planty of possibilities to improve the quality of life of people, especially of elderly and those with emotional, physical and cognitive impairements. In this context the project aims to create an adaptive and integrated system, which will provide:

  • continuous monitoring of elderly persons’ healthcare parameters and their environment with the least possible intrusive equipment;
  • sense of presence of their family, friends, caregivers and health care personnel.
The system will assure that the elderly people will received personalized assistance and support and will maintain their social connections.
The main goals of the proposed system are to early detect symptoms that predict decline of healthcare conditions and prolong the period that patients can remain safely cared out of the hospital. The platform supports carers, patients, clinicians and other service providers in efficiently planning, managing and monitoring the patients’ health status, primarily to avoid emergencies.
The realized system will have not only a direct impact on the quality of life of the patients and their carers, but it might also have a significant impact on the national healthcare system, allowing for the reduction of costs resulting from the delayed institutionalisation of the patients.