logoenmkLaboratory for Radiopharmacy

The Laboratory for Radiopharmacy is a unit of the Department for Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Faculty for Medical Sciences


The research activities are directed to designing, development and synthesis of new ligands, precursors and reference molecules and methods for labelling with radioactive isotopes intended for diagnostic, therapeutic aims and for basic research, covering all aspects of the development of new drugs and medical products, research in the field of pharmacy, medicine, biology, chemistry and related sciences, as well as preclinical and clinical trials of new and existing radiopharmaceuticals.

The applicative activities of the laboratory are focused to introducing validated and accredited procedures for defining the structure, the form of specific radiopharmaceuticals and their quality control.
The laboratory for radiopharmacy with its technical potential and personnel has been included in the first and second cycle study programs. Its staff has been educated in continuation in national and international programs in the field of radiopharmacy and radiochemistry.