logoenmkLaboratory for Radiopharmacy

The Laboratory for Radiopharmacy is a unit of the Department for Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Faculty for Medical Sciences


Medicines Agency of Republic of Macedonia - http://zdravstvo.gov.mk/category/министерство-2/organi-vo-sostav/agencija-za-lekovi/

Ministry of Health of Republic of Macedonia -  www.mz.gov.mk

Ministry of education of Republic of Macedonia -  www.mon.gov.mk

International atomic energy agency -  http://www.iaea.org/

European association of nuclear medicine - http://www.eanm.org/

Prescription drug information for professionals and patients - www.drugs.com

Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedoniawww.iarm.gov.mk

Direction for Radiation Safetywww.drs.gov.mk