Faculties and academies

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University Goce Delcev includes 12 faculties in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, medical and technical sciences and 3 academies in the field of art that are organised at 4 campuses. The University has more than 70 active study programmes in the first, second and third cycle of studies. Also, it has 80 MA programmes and professional specialist programmes and 11 accredited PhD programmes.

Music Academy

The Music Academy offers various ways for music education and additional specialisation through a range of study programmes that students may choose for their professional development: music theory and pedagogy, piano, jazz instruments (bass, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet and percussion instruments) and jazz singing, solo singing, music performer on a violin, guitar, clarinet, trumpet and flute.

Some of the offered programmes are artistic and you gain an artistic title, while some are scientific and you gain a scientific title. The Music Academy also offers study programmes in English in the field of jazz instruments.

The academy is very active in the organisation and the participation in music events and concerts that have a promotional character for the students, and that also represent an opportunity for the public to listen to good music live in the concert hall and to see the future of the Macedonian music.

More information about the Music Academy is available or on social media musicacademyugd.

Art Academy

The Art Academy is one of the art academies at the University Goce Delcev that functions successfully at Campus 1.

The Academy has active first-cycle study programmes of Classical painting and Sculpturing through which the students successfully learn and acquire the techniques of classical art, as well as the elements and the principles of the classical art language, which represent the basis of the classical and the modern art forms of expression.

The teaching staff works with each student separately to encourage and develop the student’s individuality and creativity as a future artist.

More information about the Art Academy is available on and  likovna.stip

Film Academy

Within the framework of the Film Academy at “Goce Delchev” University, starting from 2017, the study program for learning modern dance techniques, which is the only one of its kind in the country, is available to potential students.

In addition, dance study programs are also conducted in English, the first cycle of studies is Contemporary Dance Performance and the second cycle studies Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance Education and Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance Choreography.

In 2023, a study program for Ballet Pedagogy was opened for the first cycle of studies.

The study programs are conducted by experienced professors and professionals, and there is often cooperation with professionals and choreographers from abroad, as well as with dance academies, with which student exchanges are also organized.

Students gain extensive knowledge not only in the area of dance techniques, but also in the area of creation and production of dance performances. At the same time, they often perform in professional productions, in the country and at prestigious festivals and stages abroad, through the practice provided by the Film Academy, thus gaining valuable experience that forms their artistic identities and prepares them for the professional dance scene.

More information about the Film Academy is available at and SkopjeShtip-Dance-Academy

Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences

A variety of attractive study programmes at all three cycles of study are available for the students at the Faculty for natural and technical sciences. The available study programmes are the following: mining, geology, environmental engineering, industrial logistics, furniture design and interior design.

By choosing one of the offered programmes students start with their education toward future professionals in the field of the technical disciplines and the natural sciences.

The teaching process is realised by experienced teaching staff who has both academic knowledge and practical experience. The combination of theory and practice is necessary to enable a complete knowledge in the field.

The students have access to contemporary laboratories and modern equipment and are also included in the laboratory work, research projects and cooperation with partners; therefore they acquire significant experience in their field of study.

More about the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences on  or on social media: fptnugd  and  fptn.ugd

Faculty of Computer Sciences

Faculty of Computer Sciences aims to attract and educate talented young individuals that will be able to answer the requirements of the informatic technology as a contemporary discipline which is constantly changing and evolving.

The faculty prepares the students for successful careers such as IT consultants, system analysts, project managers and programmers through complete educational programmes, an access to and usage of modern technologies and advanced experience.

The highest standards in teaching and science are being followed, and the available first-cycle study programmes are: computer engineering and technologies, computer sciences, applied mathematics and mathematics for teaching.

The additional training of students, as well as the development of the scientific and research work is offered in second and third cycle of studies.

More information for the Faculty of Computer Sciences on or on social media: fi.ugd and fi.ugd

Faculty of agriculture

The first-cycle strudy programmes in the fields of phytomedicine – protection of agriculture, agronomy, viniculture and viticulture, food quality and food protection, horticulture and biology. The faculty of agriculture is fully commited to the production of professionals who will contribute with their theoretical and practical knowledge to the development of the agricultural sector and the rural areas in Macedonia.

The study programmes for second and third cycle of studies give the graduate students an opportunity to develop in a more specific speciality based on their interest. The teaching process is conducted in contemporary conditions with all of the needed equipment, modern laboratories and expert teaching staff, and the emphasis is both on the theoretical education and on the research and inovation.

The faculty organises conferences and consultations in its area of study through which novelties and scientific achievements are discussed and the science and practice are connected on one place.

Additional information for the Faculty of Education is available here or on social media:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Stip is a reputable institution dedicated to the provision of educational and research opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering.

The available study programmes for mechanical engineering, mechatronics and information technology in mechanical engineering produce quality and skilled engineers, who are prepared to answer the needs of the industry. In order to provide broad knowledge on the principles and practices of mechanical engineering, the faculty successfully combines theory and practice in the teaching process.

Students are given an opportunity to acquire personal experience thanks to contemporary equipment and excellent laboratories. Students are often encouraged to work on real projects or to participate in thematic workshops.

More information for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is available on or on social media: masinski.ugd и masinski.ugd

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering offers numerous career opportunities and career advancements in the modern society.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University Goce Delcev prepares the students for a successful career through the undergraduate and master studies that are offered.

The study programmes are in accordance with the contemporary worldwide practices and science achievements and are aimed towards obtaining skills and knowledge that are universal and guarantee numerous qualitative employment opportunities. The teaching process is conducted by using new and innovative methods by introducing the modern software tools and following the digitalisation trends completely.

During the study process, students could gain scholarships or do the practical training in some of the biggest power engineering companies within the country, with which the faculty cooperates; moreover, the faculty works on active inclusion of the students in the scientific-research activities and projects.

More information on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is available on or on social media: ElektrotehnickiFakultetStip

Faculty of technology

The faculty of technology at UGD offers study programmes in the fields of food technology, textile design and technology, clothing and technology of materials.

These programmes are used annually to educate and train students who later have an opportunity to work at various industries and sectors and to keep up with the technological achievements and the development of the industry.

The programmes’ content is created in accordance with the worldwide trends and the best existing practices. Also quality of the teaching process is constantly improved through a professional development of the teaching staff, new teaching methods are used and practical teaching is conducted as well.

More information on the faculty of technology is available here: or on social media: ugd_ttf and ugd_ttf

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Creating top healthcare professionals who will take care of the health and the well-being of people and society in the best possible way and who will contribute to the development of the medical sciences is the main priority of the faculty of medical sciences.

Taking this into account, the faculty has been fully directed toward the highest standards in education and research in the field of medicine through a continuous improvement and expansion of the study programmes, the hiring of experienced teaching staff and creating opportunities for a constant professional development and constant investment in contemporary laboratories and equipment.

One of the main advantages of the Faculty of Medical Sciences are the strong partnership ties with numerous hospitals, clinics and health organisations.

The faculty offers first, second and third cycle of studies in the field of general medicine, dental medicine and pharmacology, as well as specialist three-year studies. Medical specialisations are also included in the educational process, and the faculty also offers study programmes in English.

More information about the Faculty od Medical Sciences on or on social media: fmnugd and fmn.ugd

Faculty of Economics

One of the first faculties as part of the University Goce Delcev that started with work when the university was established in Stip. All of these years since the establishment, the faculty is continuously being expanded, developed and innovated. Nowadays, it is one of the leading institutions for higher-education in the fields of economy and business.

The main focus is on the production of high-quality professionals that will contribute to the country’s future; therefore, the worldwide trends are constantly followed, the study programmes are innovated, new and contemporary teaching methods and techniques are implemented.

The faculty builds and maintains partnerships with local, national and international organizations and institutions and with the business sector, which provide the students with opportunities for practical experience and with exposure to various business environments, which will further benefit them in their professional career.

The faculty offers study programmes for first, second and third cycle of studies in a few fields of economy and business.

Read more information about the opportunities that the Faculty of Economics offers here: or on social media: fmnugd и ekonomskiugd

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at the University Goce Delcev in Stip is reputable higher-education institution that is completely focused on providing high quality and complete education in the fields of law, media studies and public relations.

Faculty’s aims are achieved by contemporary BA and MA study programmes that cover all the aspects of law and legislation and are directed toward a complete training of students and their full preparation as future law professionals.

The programmes are created in a way that beside theoretical teaching, a large amount of attention is also paid on the practical aspects of law by the inclusion of students in case studies, trial simulations, research projects and volunteering in institutions with which the faculty cooperates.

Since the faculty has recognised the need for continuous learning and development, it is constantly active with organisation of seminars, conferences and workshops with different law topics that contribute to the professional development of the lawyers and follow the current trends in the field.

Find out more about the Faculty of Law on: or on social media: pravenfaxugd and faculty_of_law_ugd

Faculty of tourism and business logistics

The Faculty of Tourism and Business Logistics offers a diverse range of dynamic programs for tourism, hotel and restaurant management, business administration and business logistics, tailored to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving industries. With a commitment to excellence in education, our faculty delivers innovative coursework designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and leadership qualities, and as a result contribute to the development of the tourism and business sectors on national and international level.

Our programs are developed following the best worldwide practices, encompassing a comprehensive understanding of both the complexities of the tourism sector and the logistical challenges inherent in modern business operations. The faculty has established successful cooperations with many institutions and companies in order to offer the students practical hands-on experiences too. Through internships, industry partnerships, and networking opportunities, students have the chance to gain valuable practical experience and build professional connections that will serve them well in their future careers. Whether pursuing a degree in tourism management, hotel and restaurant management, business administration or business logistics, students benefit from a curriculum that integrates theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, preparing them for successful careers in diverse professional settings.

Our faculty fosters a culture of continuous improvement and entrepreneurship, empowering students to explore new ideas, develop creative solutions, and contribute positively to the advancement of their respective industries.

More information about the Faculty of Tourism and Business logistics can be found here or on social media: ftbl.ugd and ftbl_ugd

Faculty of Educational Sciences

The development of the teaching profession and the preparation of educated, quality and skilful teaching staff that will have a positive influence on the future of education and society is the main aim of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

The study programmes for pre-school teaching, primary school teaching and pedagogy ensure that the students are both theoretically and practically prepared for successful careers in the field of education. The faculty also offers a first0cycle study programme for history and archaeology.

The academic staff consists of top professionals and researchers, who actively work with the students and transfer their knowledge and experience.

Beside the theoretical knowledge, a great attention is paid to the practical performance of the teaching process which is of utmost importance for the work with children.

Learn more about the Faculty of Educational Sciences here or on social media fonugd.

Faculty of Philology

The Faculty of Philology is an institution that provides education in the field of the Macedonian language and foreign languages, literature and culture preparing the students for a future professional career as teachers, translators, interpreters or cultural workers.

The faculty conducts first-cycle studies in the following areas: Macedonian language and literature, English language and literature, Italian language and literature, German language and literature, Turkish language and literature. It also has a second-cycle studies in Macedonian, Turkish, English, German and Italian philology.

The teaching process is carried out by professionals who are experts in their fields and who share their knowledge and experience with the students encouraging their active participation in the learning process.

More information about the Faculty of Philology can be found on: or on the social media: ffugd and ff_ugd