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During its 17 years of existence, the Goce Delcev University has been profiled as a higher-education institution that focuses on the students, their needs and ideas. The attention is directed completely on the creation of knowledge and possibilities by providing quality education, innovation, digitalization and development of an intellectual potential for both home and global challenges.

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The Goce Delcev University is a highly regarded institution in the field of higher-education, which provides quality education by offering different study-programmes by various faculties and attracts a large number of students from Macedonia and abroad.

The university conducts an annual admission of students on its campuses for first, second and third cycle of university studies and professional studies. The admission is done in three enrollment deadlines (the first one is in august, and the other two are in September depending on the number of free places). The number of students that can be admitted at the different faculties in one academic year is published in the admission advertisement itself.

The university has an annual tradition of awarding scholarships or i.e. the best ranked students of each faculty are exempt from paying the first year participation for the first cycle of studies.

The Goce Delcev University applies contemporary teaching methods with an emphasis on students’ theoretical education , as well as the practical teaching and the acquirement of appropriate skills. For this aim a direct cooperation has been conducted with the private sector, which has continuously contributed to the students’ development by participation in lectures, mutual projects, conferences, as well as the organizing study visits or practical work in the companies.

The partnerships and the collaborations with various universities in the area of international programmes and training projects enable the students to gain international experience in their studies.

It is important that UGD is the first university in North Macedonia that has a high use of digital tools and technologies where distance learning is actively applied. The university uses the technological potential through the digital tools in order to improve the teaching and learning process, and to enable to students to study anywhere at any time from the best professionals in the specified fields.

Since its establishment, the Goce Delcev University has been actively contributing to the creation of modern and complete conditions for scientific and research work that will satisfy the needs of the academic community, but also of the business community as well which requires modern resources, technologies and innovative solutions.

For this aim, UGD has contemporary fitted laboratories and centres that constitute the infrastructure that enables the scientific and research activity, while the academic knowledge and education is being conducted through the available programmes of the third cycle doctoral studies in various fields.


The quality and the variability of our study programmes, our achievements and the possibilities that we offer in higher-education, science and collaboration have been confirmed through the numbers achieved during our existence for two decades.

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