Second cycle studies

The Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences provides profound knowledge closely related to the modern trends in the industry and technology. The study programmes of this faculty and the type of lectures enable students to acquire skills, knowledge and competences that will bring them to the top of modern industry.


  • Mining engineering 
    • Surface exploitation 
    • Underground exploitation 
    • Technology for minerals 
  • Geology 
    • Petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry 
    • Fields of mineral raw material 
    • Hydrogeology and engineering geology 
    • Geology and geophysics 
  • Civil engineering 
    • Transport infrastructure 
    • Geomechanics 
  • Architecture and design 
    • Landscape architecture 
    • Furniture and interior design and technologies 
    • Industrial logistics 
    • Environmental engineering 
    • Module: Engineering of working environment 
    • Module: Environmental engineering 
    • Environmental engineering


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